Ilaria & Kiersten-2.jpg

Meet Your Team!

Together, Kiersten (left) and Ilaria (right) are a powerful and effective team. It’s crazy that not only do they look so much alike, but their personalities match also - but that is what makes this team so cohesive.

You can find Kiersten taking charge being the lead photographer. Her bright and welcoming personality creates a positive atmosphere during your session making sure only the best smiles come out! She believes candid photos make the mama’s happy, so tickling your child or letting them act crazy is highly recommended.

Ilaria is Kiersten’s right hand woman! She has been a huge help being the second photographer at weddings while also handling a lot of the social media accounts! She pays great attention to detail and is always on point making sure fly-aways are tucked, hair ties are off wrists, and occasionally making silly faces behind the camera for the giggles!